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Crime Scene Investigator Training

Through our week-long Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Photography courses, we provide you with the most up-to-date techniques. We want to help you reach new heights in your career with our crime scene investigator training, so don't hesitate to contact us today!

Crime Scene Consulting Services

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we can provide you with expert witness testimony and other forensics services. We specialize in bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene case reviews for attorneys who want an edge during their trial!

About Us

Gaziano Forensic Consulting provides practical crime scene investigator training, including bloodstain pattern analysis and forensic photography. We also offer a full suite of services for attorneys who need help with their cases or investigations by offering detailed crime scene reviews to better prepare them before going into court. 

John Calvin Gaziano is a crime scene expert with multiple college degrees and crime scene certifications. He has over 27 years of law enforcement experience, retiring as the crime scene unit sergeant of the Fremont Police Department.

Google Reviews

Mr. Gaziano is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Forensics. He is recognized worldwide for his superior understanding and teaching of Blood Stain Pattern Analysis. I took his course twice and each time I learned something new. He made this class fun with his own handmade practical exercises not used in any other courses. Calvin is a true mentor and I learned a lot from him over the years. You will not be disappointed with any course he teaches.

Chris Wilson

John is an excellent teacher and does an amazing job teaching his courses. I have testified in court on major cases, because of his instruction, which was both demonstrative and hands on. I was not only a student, but a participant in scientific experiments during his class, which helped my testimony. I highly recommend his courses and his experience as a consultant.

Ed Rudolph

Calvin Gaziano's bloodstain pattern analysis course was great! Lots of information packed into classroom and hands-on experience. We experienced finding the trajectory of spatter through recreating scenes and examining the evidence. We created a chart to reference what degree blood dropped from. Gaziano also provided us with a binder full of information for the course that we were able to take home. Everyone in my class passed the final test for the certification. Highly recommended!

Grace C

Calvin is so incredibly knowledgeable with what he teaches in his course. He even incorporated his own research and thesis into his class. I also really enjoyed the experience I gained with all of the hands on activities we did!

Kaylee Fitzpatrick

In 2013, I attended the 40-hour Bloodstain Pattern Investigation course with John Calvin Gaziano as the instructor. Calvin has an effective teaching method, which is clear and concise. During the hands-on training, he broke us into groups and gave each group multiple bloodstain patterns to identify. Because of Calvin's instructions, I can perform the stringing method within bloodstain spatter to identify the area of origin and I can identify the area of convergence. Due to Calvin's guidance throughout the years, I am certified in court as a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst.

Elona Porter

I took Mr. Gaziano’s bloodstain pattern course many years ago. To this day, I still have the binder he passed out in his class. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and an expert in this field. His course was filled with fun experiments and had many learning opportunities. I highly recommend Mr. Gaziano’s class!

Candace Cook

Calvin Gaziano is a stellar Crime Scene Investigator and blood spatter expert. He breaks down the material so succinctly and thoroughly to make a laymen like myself understand it. He is one of the few IAI certified blood stain pattern analysts in the world. Excellent all the way around!

Jenn Ly

I have taken Calvin’s bloodstain pattern course twice, and I can’t say enough positive things about it. It is taught in a way that an entry level investigator or even the most senior would get a ton out of it. After taking his course, I had a much better understanding of what I was seeing at crime scenes. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who has anything to do with crime scene processing or investigation.


This class was amazing. From the lectures, to the hands on experiments it covered everything! My training binder has not only been a constant resource for myself, but others at my lab who weren't as lucky as I was to have taken this class.

Megan Shaw

This class is one of the best I’ve taken. Calvin is a great instructor! Highly recommend this course!

Steve Hunt

This course was extremely informative, and was put together very well. Great course, I recommend it.

Amir Mahmood

Very knowledgeable instructor who breaks down difficult concepts into easy to remember concepts with insightful hands on practicals.

Paul Richards

Crime Scene Expert and Instructor

Crime Scene Investigator training put on by John Calvin Gaziano

John Calvin Gaziano

John Calvin Gaziano is a certified bloodstain pattern analyst and certified senior crime scene analyst through the International Association for Identification (IAI). He is often referred to as a blood spatter analyst. Furthermore, has over 27 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which were in crime scene investigation. During his career with the Fremont Police Department (CA), he was promoted to sergeant, where he supervised and trained crime scene unit members. John has processed several thousand crime scenes, with many requiring a bloodstain pattern analysis and reconstruction. He is an enthusiastic bloodstain and crime scene investigation expert and enjoys the reconstructive aspects of complex crime scenes. In addition to his extensive experience, he has two master’s of science degrees, one in forensic science.

Bloodstain Course Video

Former student creates impact patterns consistent with blunt force during a blood pattern crime scene investigator training course

Crime Scene Investigator Training Courses

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This entry-level course is for those investigating violent and bloody crime scenes. The training covers all aspects of bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), from basic to advanced topics. Current techniques and technologies will be introduced. The class includes lectures on various aspects of bloodstain pattern analysis and hands-on practical exercises with animal blood. Attendees will learn to identify bloodstain patterns and understand the mechanisms and events that created them. We teach participants to reconstruct and sequence events while remaining objective and using the scientific method. During the week-long course, 15 practical exercises and related subsets will be introduced. For example, some activities include beating blood with baseball bats, flinging blood onto walls, and shooting blood with a mounted pistol. A 233-page manual written by the instructor will be provided to each student. The International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA) Education Committee and the International Association for Identification (IAI) Bloodstain Pattern Examiner Certification Board approved the curriculum. We offer the course throughout Texas, focusing on the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston areas.

Crime Scene Photography

This entry-level course teaches students to document crime scenes through photography. Attendees will learn the sequences and needed photographs of crime scenes. Each participant will create a digital notebook to track their progress in the class. Some course topics include nighttime and low light photography, infrared and ultraviolet photography, bloodstain pattern analysis documentation, bullet trajectory (laser) photography, and officer-involved shooting documentation. We teach students to manipulate their camera settings to take great photographs in challenging situations. During the course, 21 practical exercises and associated subsets will be introduced. Consequently, the exercises have been shown to enhance the comprehension of the training significantly.

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