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Crime Scene Photography Training in Dallas

Instructor - Retired Police Sergeant John Calvin Gaziano

The Crime Scene Photography Training Course in Dallas is approved for the following:

  •  Forty (40) credits toward the International Association for Identification’s (IAI) Initial Forensic Photography & Imaging (FP&I) Certification 
  •  Forty (40) credits toward the International Association for Identification’s Crime Scene Certification and Recertification
Nighttime photography of a home with ambient light during a crime scene photography training classPainting with light of a home during a crime scene photography training course

Nighttime photography - Ambient light

Nighttime photography - Painting with light

We offer an approved 40-hour Crime Scene Photography training course in Dallas. Our company is based in New Braunfels, Texas. The lead instructor, John Calvin Gaziano, is a retired sergeant of the Fremont Police Department with over 27 years of service. He supervised and taught members of the crime scene unit, in addition to being a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA) with the International Association for Identification (IAI). During his 20 years as a member of the crime scene unit, he has photographed thousands of crime scenes.

This entry-level course is for those tasked with documenting crime scenes through photography. Each student will learn the sequences and needed photographs of various crime scenes. During the course, attendees will create a digital notebook to track their progress. Some course topics include nighttime and low light photography, infrared and ultraviolet photography, bloodstain pattern analysis documentation, bullet trajectory (laser) photography, and officer-involved shooting documentation. Students will learn to manipulate their camera settings to take great photographs in challenging situations. The students will participate in 21 practical exercises and associated subsets, greatly enhancing their skill level.

The crime scene photography course is approved for 40 credits toward the International Association for Identification’s (IAI) initial Forensic Photography & Imaging (FP&I) Certification. We offer the course throughout Texas, focusing on the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in crime scene photography training in the Dallas area and want to host our course

We look forward to working with you and your organization.

Course Topics

Course Information

What are the benefits and requirements of hosting the Crime Scene Photography course in Dallas?

Hosting the crime scene photography course has several benefits for the agency. One advantage is eliminating costs associated with travel and lodging for employees. Another benefit is that the hosting agency or organization receives free tuitions based on the number of paying students as follows:

  • One free tuition if the course has 14 paying students.

  • Two free tuitions if the course has 18 paying students.

  • Three free tuitions if the course has 22 paying students.

The course requires a minimum of 10 paying students. If the minimum number of paying students is not met, the class will be canceled, and all tuitions paid will be promptly refunded.

To host the crime scene photography course, we require that you provide a lecture room for digital media presentations.

The responsibility of the hosting agency or organization is to aid in recruiting students for the course. We will supply a course flyer that can be distributed to nearby agencies, and we will post the course on various websites. All travel and associated costs are the responsibility of Gaziano Forensic Consulting and not the hosting agency. If you are interested in hosting the course, please click the Host a Course button so we can work together to enhance the competency of your employees.

Dallas Facts

Two corndogs are covered with ketchup and mustard inside an open box representing crime scene photography training in Dallas
  • The convenience store chain 7-Eleven opened its first store in Dallas in 1927.

  • Dallas-based Texas Instruments developed the first microchip in 1959.

  • The Highland Park Village was the first shopping center to open in Dallas in 1931. The shopping center consisted of luxury retail stores with a unified architectural style and stores facing in toward an interior parking area.

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics was started in Dallas in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash.

  • Dallas inventor Tomima Edmark created the Topsy Tail inverted ponytail in 1989.

  • Chili’s Grill & Bar was started in Dallas in 1975.

  • Elevator music got its start at the Statler Hilton in Dallas. It was designed so that no one would feel obligated to speak to each other.

  • Dallas inventor Henry Garrett designed car radios in the 1920s.

  • The Fletcher brothers, Neil and Carl, sold the first Corny Dog (corndog) at the 1942 Texas State Fair.

  • Mariano Martinez invented the first frozen margarita machine in Dallas in 1971.

  • Home of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA).

  • Home of the Dallas Cowboys (NFL).

  • Home of the Dallas Stars (NHL).

  • Home of the FC Dallas (MLS).

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  • The Dallas Cowboys is the only NFL team with 20 consecutive winning seasons between 1966 and 1985.

  • King Ranch has more than 800,000 acres and is the second-largest ranch globally, second to Alexandria Station in South Australia. Captain Richard King founded the ranch in 1853; it is in South Texas and spreads over six counties.

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