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We have the experience and expertise to help you with your case. Our services include crime scene case reviews and bloodstain pattern analyses. Using the scientific method in our experiments by a forensic consultant is essential for eliminating bias. This allows us to provide an objective analysis for you before going into court or taking other legal measures if necessary. Forensic consultant John Calvin Gaziano has over 27 years of law enforcement experience and a Master of Forensic Science Degree. Learn more about our services by clicking on the tabs below.

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Crime Scene Case Review

Yellow crime scene tape in front of a police car representative of a crime scene analys
Police report on desk with handcuffs representing the work of a forensic consultant

A crime scene case review involves reading and analyzing crime scene reports, lab reports, photographs, and scene diagrams associated with your case. These objective reviews by a forensic consultant often generate questions and areas that need further investigation. The analysis may confirm or refute statements, evidence, or hypotheses put forth by opposing counsel. Let us arm you with the knowledge to help you build a strong case. Below is a list of some of the topics addressed in the review.

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

A forward spatter impact pattern in blood on a vertical surface created by a bullet
Bloodstain pattern analyst report
Expiration bloodstain pattern on a vertical surface created by a forensic consultant

We analyze bloodstained scenes and prepare bloodstain pattern analysis reports that document the types of patterns in the scene. The analysis attempts to reconstruct the sequence of events based on the patterns in context within the scene. The report will document the bloodstain pattern expert’s opinions and conclusions. Below are some areas a blood spatter expert can determine.

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Magnifying glass with word witness underneath to representing a crime scene consultant

Expert Opinion

Our forensic consultant can provide expert witness testimony as a crime scene or bloodstain pattern analyst. Expert witnesses can testify to their opinions and conclusions rather than basic crime scene processing and documentation.
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Infrared Analysis and Photography

A black shirt with latent blood on its front created by a blood spatter analystA black shirt exposed to infrared light making latent blood visible created by a forensic consultant

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Infrared analysis can locate hard-to-see bloodstains on dark fabrics. Infrared light energy can often lighten dark fabrics by reflecting infrared light. At the same time, the bloodstains are absorbed by infrared light, making them dark in color. This contrast of lightening dark clothing and darkening stains allows for locating bloodstains with the use of an infrared filter. An example of the importance of infrared light would be to find the victim’s blood on a suspect’s dark clothing. We have infrared light equipment to locate, photograph, and document the bloodstains on dark fabrics.

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Microscopy - Bloodstain

Small bloodstains on fabric can be viewed with microscopy to answer questions about the case. Microscopy can often differentiate if the stain was created due to a forceful impact (spatter stain) or due to rubbing or coming into contact with a blood source (transfer stain). Microscopy can put the suspect in contact with the victim when a beating occurred, rather than holding the victim as is often claimed. We have the equipment to examine stains microscopically as well as photograph them for inclusion in the bloodstain pattern analysis report.

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Research & Experimentation

Bloodstain patterns coupled with scene context often allow for reconstruction and the sequencing of events. However, sometimes the blood evidence isn’t straightforward, and research and experimentation are needed to resolve issues. When setting up an experiment, we follow the scientific method that will withstand court challenges.
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PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint slide showing John Calvin Gaziano's credential's as a crime scene consultant

Courtroom testimony can be enhanced with visual aids. PowerPoint presentations with photographs and bullet points summarizing the slides can help the jurors comprehend. A PowerPoint presentation can distill the entire case into a series of slides. Our PowerPoint presentations use crime scene photographs, often overlayed with valuable information. This service is recommended to our clients as we feel it complements the case report nicely. Allow our forensic consultant to help you bring your testimony to life.

Forensic Science Guides our Forensic Consulting Services

Gaziano Forensic Consulting uses forensic science principles to provide crime scene case reviews, bloodstain pattern analyses, expert witness testimony, infrared analysis and photography, microscopy of bloodstains, research and experimentation of blood, and Powerpoint presentations to clients.

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic science is the application of science to law. It uses scientific principles and techniques to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil cases. Forensic science can identify and analyze evidence and present it in a court of law. Forensic science is the application of science to law. It uses scientific principles and techniques to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil cases. It can identify and analyze evidence and present it in a court of law. This includes the analysis of physical evidence, such as fingerprints, bloodstains, DNA, and other trace evidence. Forensic science has a long history, dating back to the early days of criminal investigation. Today forensic science is a highly developed field that uses various sophisticated techniques to investigate crime. Crime scene investigation has also evolved, and crime scene investigators use various tools and technologies to gather and analyze evidence.

Forensic science is an essential tool in the fight against crime. It can be used to solve crimes, prove guilt or innocence, and help bring criminals to justice. Forensic science is a vital part of the criminal justice system, and its importance will continue to grow as the field of forensic science evolves.

Crime Scene Case Reviews

Crime scene case reviews are an essential part of our consulting services. At Gaziano Forensic Consulting, we offer comprehensive case reviews to help our clients understand the forensic evidence in their cases. We thoroughly examine the crime scene and forensic evidence, and provide a detailed report outlining our findings.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

We offer detailed bloodstain pattern analyses. Our forensic consultant, John Calvin Gaziano, is a certified bloodstain pattern analyst through the International Association for Identification. We use the latest forensic science techniques to examine the bloodstains and patterns at the crime scene. Our bloodstain pattern analysis can help you understand what happened at the scene.

Expert Witness Testimony

When it comes to forensic science, expert witness testimony is a critical component. We provide an objective analysis of the forensic evidence, and our testimony can help strengthen your case.

Infrared Analysis and Photography of Bloodstains

One of the forensic science services we offer is infrared photography of bloodstains. This technique can locate blood that is not visible to the naked eye. By using infrared photography, we can locate and obtain a clearer picture of the bloodstains at the crime scene or on dark fabrics. This information can provide case insight and assist in identifying the perpetrator through DNA.

Microscopy and Photography of Bloodstains

We offer microscopy and photography of bloodstains. We can obtain detailed photographs of bloodstains and visualize their characteristics with microscopy. Our findings can often differentiate between a transfer or spatter stain created by force.

Research and Experimentation of Blood

Research and experimentation of blood is an integral part of forensic science and an investigation. Sometimes experimentation with blood is required to answer questions in a case. The scientific method is a process used to investigate phenomena and test hypotheses. Using the scientific method, we can use forensic science techniques to analyze the evidence and conclude what happened at the crime scene.

PowerPoint Presentations to Enhance the Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Case Reviews

A PowerPoint presentation can be a powerful tool to help show the evidence in your case. We can create a custom PowerPoint presentation for your specific case, and our straightforward presentations complement the bloodstain pattern analyses and crime scene case reviews.

Gaziano Forensic Consulting offers comprehensive case reviews to help our clients understand the forensic evidence in their cases. We use the latest forensic science techniques to examine bloodstains at the crime scene and provide a detailed report that outlines our findings. Our forensic consultant provides services anywhere within the United States. Understanding the significance of forensic evidence in your case is crucial. Contact us today to discuss your case and learn more about our consulting services.

What are the benefits of using a crime scene consultant?

Crime scene consultants can provide various services to their clients, ranging from simple document reviews to complex investigations. By working with a crime scene consultant, you can ensure that your case is handled professionally and promptly. The following is a list of benefits of working with a crime scene consultant.

Expertise highlighted on a white paper regarding a crime scene consultant

Expertise in specific areas

A crime scene consultant is an expert who provides scientific or technical information about evidence to lawyers, law enforcement, and judges. Defense lawyers often hire crime scene consultants to challenge the prosecution’s case, and the prosecution may hire them to support their case. They use their scientific knowledge to offer opinions on forensic evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, and bloodstains. They may also be called upon to testify in court about their findings. Crime scene consultants play an essential role in the criminal justice system, and their expertise can distinguish between a guilty verdict and an acquittal.

Objective perspective

They are often brought in to provide an objective perspective on a case. They can provide valuable insights that the investigating team may have missed in many cases. Crime scene consultants are often highly experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of the forensic process. As a result, they can provide a unique and valuable perspective on a case. In addition, crime scene consultants are often able to offer new perspectives on old evidence. This can be extremely helpful in resolving cold cases or cases that have been dragging on for years. If you are working on a case that you feel is stuck, consider bringing in a crime scene consultant to provide an objective perspective.

A crime scene consultant can help identify and collect evidence

The first step is to identify and collect evidence when a crime is committed. This can be daunting, but fortunately, there are experts who specialize in this field. Crime scene consultants are trained to identify and collect evidence that can be used in a criminal investigation. They use their knowledge of forensics to carefully examine the crime scene and look for clues that the untrained eye might overlook. In addition, they have access to state-of-the-art equipment that can help to glean important information from even the smallest piece of evidence. As a result, hiring a crime scene consultant can be an invaluable asset in any criminal investigation.

A forensic consultant can assist with trial preparation

They can be a valuable asset during trial preparation. By conducting a thorough review of the evidence and working with the prosecution and defense team, the consultant can help to identify critical issues and potential weaknesses in the case. In addition, the consultant can provide expert testimony on topics such as DNA analysis and blood spatter pattern interpretation. As a result, a crime scene consultant can play an essential role in ensuring that all aspects of the case are thoroughly investigated and that the trial is as fair and efficient as possible.

A crime scene consultant can provide expert witness testimony

They are expert witnesses who provide testimony in court cases. They are typically hired by one of the parties involved in the case, and their job is to offer their opinion on the evidence. In many cases, they may also be asked to review the work of other experts and offer their opinion on it. Because they are not involved in the case themselves, they can provide an impartial perspective that can be invaluable to the court. Crime scene consultants come from various backgrounds, but they all share a deep knowledge of the law and a commitment to justice. A crime scene consultant may be the right choice if you are looking for an expert witness to testify in your case.

Word truth under a missing puzzle piece relating to a crime scene consultant

Help find the truth

When a crime is committed, it can be challenging to determine what happened. Witnesses may give conflicting statements, and there may be scant physical evidence. In such cases, the services of a crime scene consultant can be invaluable. A crime scene consultant is a trained professional who uses their knowledge of science and technology to investigate crimes. By carefully piecing together the available evidence, a crime scene consultant can often help to find the truth.

Crime scene consultants offer various services that can be invaluable to any criminal investigation. They can help identify and collect evidence, assist with trial preparation, provide expert witness testimony, and help find the truth. If you are looking for assistance in a criminal investigation, contact Gaziano Forensic Consulting, who can provide the assistance you need. With 20 years of experience in the field, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.

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